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I did not want to leave and I certainly didn’t want to compete against Bert [Weiss] at that time. I signed a three-year deal and then two additional one-year extensions that expired this past January 31.This time around, the negotiations were with YEA Networks, the syndication company that syndicates The Bert Show.Recently Jen joined Great 38 as TV producer and host.Jenn's very own invention was featured on Everyday Edisons in July 2007!She had made a declaration that night as well: she was going to cancel her Ok Cupid profile the next morning. Around a certain time, Peter and Jenn started discussing the topic of THE RING.Jenn did not want a diamond, did not want a flashy ring, and did not want the usual engagement ring.For the first time since his announcement sent shockwaves through the Atlanta radio community, Jeff Dauler (who is ’s January Guest Editor), agreed to sit down and discuss what was going on behind the scenes in the months leading up to his resignation and what’s next for the popular Atlanta morning show personality. The negotiations got complex and at one point, I wanted to walk away from the deal.Q: I wrote about your last contract negotiation for magazine five years ago. They wanted to reduce my pay at a time when The Bert Show was at its peak locally and just starting syndication. An approach was made to Star 94 and a deal was put together there to do afternoon drive.

Anna and Spencer are regular speakers locally and nationally on a wide variety of photography topics ranging from lighting to getting published.After Atlanta, Jenn worked at KPRC Channel 2 in Houston, TX for a couple of years....on to Tampa Bay.Jenn worked at the morning news anchor for Bay News 9 for over seven years.Before meeting each other, Peter and Jenn were not strangers to the act of dating.After many adventures and lots of stories stuffed in their pockets, both were frustrated with the dating world and ready to throw in the towel.

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Jennifer Holloway has an extensive and diverse career in news broadcasting, voice overs, commercials, infomercials and modeling.

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