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Hypoglycemia not associated with diabetes and/or its therapy is an uncommon clinical disorder.

Vaginismus is defined as an involuntary spasm of the pelvic muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina, especially the perineal muscles and the levator ani muscles.

These pathogenic mechanisms include the eutopic insulin secretion by a pancreatic islet β-cell tumor, and also the ectopic tumor insulin secretion by non-islet-cell tumor, such as bronchial carcinoids and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

Insulinoma is, by far, the most common tumor associated with clinical and biochemical hypoglycemia.

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These findings indicate a disturbance in the haemostasis balance with hypercoagulability and fibrinolytic deficiency.

Tumor-induced hypoglycemia (TIH) is a rare clinical entity that may occur in patients with diverse kinds of tumor lineages and that may be caused by different mechanisms.

Lastly, massive tumor burden with glucose consumption, massive tumor liver infiltration, and pituitary or adrenal glands destruction by tumor are other mechanisms for TIH in cases of large and aggressive neoplasias.

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