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The Real L Word follows a group of lesbians in their daily lives in Los Angeles, and as of the third season, Brooklyn.

With seasons 1 and 2 being successful, Showtime commissioned a third and final season, where there will be many new faces and a few recurring ones.

Event: Showtime's "The L Word" Party at The Robertson in West Hollywood Venue & Location: The Robertson, 665 North Robertson Boulevard / West...'The Real L Word' takes on a life of its own - latimes There is so much drama going on in Romi Klinger's life right now.

Her ex-girlfriend Whitney is dating her friend Sara, who has brainwashed Whitney into...

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Romi Klinger at Showtime's "The L Word" Party at The Robertson in...

Whitney welcomes one-time flame Sada to town and the girls waste no time getting reacquainted, but their hot weekend together ends all too quickly and just as Whitney says goodbye to her, another former flame arrives in town indefinitely and did we mention flame number three, Romi?

) on her upcoming divorce, her drinking, her impulsiveness and how she learned the hard way that being an open book is too real for a reality show. He’s just a guy who tried to love me and I’m a whole lot to fucking handle. I was just being really honest—and Romi: I am impulsive. I did not get married on the same day as Whitney and Sada on the show. Romi: I have many [lesbian] friends who would date a bisexual woman. But if the bisexual goes back to a man, then it’s suddenly not OK.

Romi: The last time people saw me on the show, I got married. I got a lot of hate just for being with someone I needed and wanted because the relationship hurt my girlfriend, Kelsey. And the people I’m with have to take a beating since I’m in the public eye. I married Dusty in Las Vegas a month before they got married. There are all these rules that dictate being within the group—but only in the way the group wants it.

For my next installment in my “Stories of Sexuality and Gender” series, I was fortunate enough to score an interview with reality television star Romi Klinger.

Romi starred in the Showtime series “The Real L Word”, which is a spinoff of the original scripted series “The L Word.” This reality show follows the lives of ‘Lesbian’ women in California and then later, New York. Me: When you primarily were with women (both during the course of filming the show and not) did you ever have desires to be with a man? Romi: I have desires with anyone I’m attracted too, lol.

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