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Knew him in one of the “gay” film (Latter Days) as Aaron Davis, and likes him a lots in the film.

However, he was still young by that time (because it is 2003’s film), and he look cute.

This is all the more impressive given his small town Southern background, where the borders of masculinity are rigorously policed, and anything that strays from that norm is liable to be labelled ‘queer’.

He has, I think, the most difficult role in ‘Kiss the Bride’, because he has to persuade us that a man can have a single, deeply intimate relationship with another man, without being gay, and still choose for himself something like the heterosexual ideal of marriage and monogamy, which challenges all of our ideas of sexuality, gay and straight.

He also acted in several plays and directed readings of his own work.

See full summary » Lewis is a closeted gay man throwing a bachelor party for his straight best friend and secret crush, Cooper.

After a night of drunken sex together, the two men decide to meet in the same ...

James O’Shea is perhaps your typical American hunk in appearance only.

Beneath the tanned skin, the perfect teeth – often glinting in a mischievous, boyish smile – and the chiselled body is a man utterly at ease with himself and those around him.

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