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Keeping your diet in check -- counting carbs, limiting sugar, eating less salt -- is key.

You can still eat well and manage your conditions with these easy tips.

It also makes a quick encounter feel way more intimate, so don’t fast-forward past foreplay. Five minutes of ho-hum missionary on your pillow-top bed probably won’t knock your socks off. When you’re trying to get in the mood ASAP, your brain can help get the rest of you on board.

"Fantasizing spurs a physiological sexual response because your body replicates what it’s envisioning in your brain," Britton explains.

Plus he wasn’t a minute man so it was a lot of work.” – Jennifer Jennifer’s husband Raymond only had one thing to say about the ordeal …

“To say I’d do anything for my children would be an understatement at this point.For now I’m just glad our children our safe.” There was no truth to this story, which is nothing more than a fabrication originating with the Now44News fake news site.Now44News is nearly identical to known hoax purveyor Now8News, both fake news sites that masquerade as the online arms of local television news outlets in order to spread hoaxes and generate ad revenues.After the tongue is split and the sides healed, you can gain control over the individual sides with some practice.The two halves can be raised up and down opposite each other, spread apart from the other half, and you can even grasp objects and hold onto them (makes for a sick party trick, don’t you think?

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  1. It got me to thinking with Tocchet turning to the gambling industry following his playing career (with a little coaching mixed in), what jobs do you think some ex-Flyers may be pursuing now that their playing career is finished, and what jobs do you think some current Flyers may pursue when they hang up the skates?