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There were a total of nine papers presented in the conference, two in Nepali and seven in English: Hriseekesh Upadhyaya: "Towards a Concentration of a Literary Biography" Bal Bahadur Thapa: "Nostalgia for the Saga of Bravery in Devkota's ' Udbodhan'." Tara Adhikari: "Rewriting of Myth: A Study of Selected Devkota Literature." Prakash Subedi: "Devkota and Rumi: Secular and Spiritual Dimensions of Madness" Manfred Treu: "Dating the Composition of the Essay ' Sukulmathi' from Laxmi Nibandha Sangraha.” Ammaraj Joshi: "Devkota’s Stories in Translation Workshop: Text, Context, Source Language and Culture." Mohan Prasad Lohani: "Devkota as a Multidimensional Genius." दुर्गाप्रसाद अर्याल : “शाकुन्तल महाकाव्यमा सौन्दर्य” गोपिकृष्ण शर्मा : “चराको भजन”मा सौन्दर्य : फुट्कर र समष्टि” On the first day of the conference, there was a panel discussion which focused on the relevance of Mahakavi Dekvota in Nepal today.

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