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The two versions are essentially the same, although some content was added in the second version, including a new ending.

The book was also adapted into a television mini-series, starring Gary Sinise, and was released by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network in 1994.

There are also a lot of sheep, goats, donkeys and camels.

The villages are very quiet; people live a slow life, far away from the towns, but also far away from schools and health facilities.

The Haraze Albiar district is in the Western part of Chad, not far from the capital N'Djamena.

However, if there was evidence that the biker had been drinking he would face a hefty fine and possibly even prison.Older people are often forgotten in such crises and the evidence collected helps to raise awareness of the nutrition and health needs of older people in Chad and in the Sahel region.We interviewed over 700 older people and found that over 280 were severely or moderately malnourished.This is the bizarre moment a young couple were caught on camera having sex while on the back of a moving motorcycle.Police have launched an investigation after the footage, filmed in Encarnacion, south-eastern Paraguay, went viral online.

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It was captured by a witness using a smartphone and he could not believe his eyes when he spotted the semi-naked couple.

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