Dating a peavey guitar

An advertising circular used by Peavey in the late ´70s compared the price of an American built T-60 (plus case) for 0 versus the Fender Stratocaster´s list price of 0 or a Gibson Les Paul for 8.50 (list).

In light of those list prices, it´s also easy to see where the Japanese guitar makers had plenty of maneuvering room during their copy era.

After twelve years of manufacturing, the first series of Peavey guitars was begun in 1977, and introduced at the 1978 NAMM show.

The push-button control lets you tune your instrument and switch between alternate tunings like drop D, open G and more in seconds, eliminating the need for tuning gear and long breaks between songs to tune on stage.

However, if jazz and fusion are your areas of expertise, the JF-1 hollow-body electric guitar is a game-changer.

Serial numbers are also helpful for identifying and ordering proper parts should repairs ever become necessary.

Although an official and complete listing of Peavey serial numbers is not available on the Internet, Peavey provides a serial number forum on its website, where anyone interested in tracking down the vintage of a specific instrument can submit the serial number and request information from the factory.

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